Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Thomas Corners Fire department was first organized on January 24, 1951.  Its purpose is to provide support for the firefighters and their community.

The Ladies Auxiliary members have answered all “working alarms” in order to provide refreshments at the alarm scene for the firefighters.  Over the years, all firefighters have appreciated the cool drinks at summer alarms and the hot coffee at winter alarms.   A phone squad alerts Ladies Auxiliary members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of the need to respond. The Ladies Auxiliary maintains a stock of food and supplies in order to provide immediate support to the firefighters.  Firefighter training sessions and social events have also benefited from the efforts of the Ladies Auxiliary.

Since the Ladies Auxiliary receives no tax dollars, their activities must be supported by fund raising.  Many fund raising functions have been held to raise the money used to support the firefighters and to help the needy in the Glenville community.  The first of these events was a Spaghetti supper cooked in the old firehouse kitchen.  The stove consisted of portable gas burners on the kitchen floor.  The spaghetti suppers along with pancake breakfasts have been fund-raisers for the past 46 years.  Other popular fundraisers have included, Card Parties, the sale of homemade Clam Chowder, the Glenville Monopoly Game and the Thomas Corners Ladies Auxiliary Cookbook.

In addition to supporting the firefighters during alarms and training sessions, the funds raised by the Ladies Auxiliary are used for Scholarships for firefighters and their children, Christmas Donations to needy families, and other charitable purposes in the Town of Glenville.

Perhaps the most important, and unrecognized contribution of the Ladies Auxiliary members, has been the constant support of their firefighter husbands and children.  This support helps to ensure that the department has the active membership necessary to respond to calls to duty.